Artist’s Statement

Drawn to new media as a means by which to sustain the ultimately transient nature of movement- based forms, Katherine’s work seeks to investigate the transference of kinetic virtuosity to emerging technologies, expanded cinema and interactive experiences.

Through questioning the traditional role of ownership in relationship to the body, specifically as depicted in photographic forms, Katherine’s work explores identity and the politics of objectification. Katherine’s visual vocabulary engenders a cinematic understanding of how bodies move, both individually and within a social framework. Thematically, she eschews traditional dramatic elements and in so doing seeks to challenge the experience of linear, progressive time investigating the interaction of conscious and unconscious associative elements.

As a neurodivergent artist, Kate recognizes the critical role that artmakers play in advocating for disability justice. Her work supports the belief that people who think, act, and learn differently should not be considered to have a deficit but rather to have a difference in how they process the world around them. Kate believes that no one must be left behind in order to build powerful, resilient and diverse communities.

Through her business practices as a working director, producer and educator, Ms. Fisher optimistically rejects the exploitation that occurs within a robust market for creative content wherein artists are frequently requested to work for free. She resists the widespread marginalization that artists experience as they age and advocates for a reimagining of hierarchical models of production in favor of those that are centered on reciprocity.