Future Stages

Comprised of interactive, digitally-driven new media performance pieces, the Future Stages event premiered at Standard Vision Studios, a virtual production studio in Los Angeles in January 2022. The evening expanded the concept of live performance by exploring real time interactivity with emergent technologies. As a group show of artists employing sensor based live motion capture techniques, Future Stages researches the growing relationship between our bodies and the digital world culminating in an opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves in the vivid,
interactive interfaces featured in the artworks.

Future Stages was directed by Katherine Helen Fisher and produced by Caroline Haydon and featured the following artists:
Ana Caroline Estarita Guerrero
Anna Luisa Petrisko
Cailegh Knapp
Caroline Haydon
Chelsi Cocking
David Wallace Haskins
Eloise DeLuca
Jace Weyant
Katherine Helen Fisher
Nathan Kim
Nathan Specht
Shimmy Boyle
Sean Zellmer

The event was made possible by a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant.