One + One Make Three

Nominated for an Emmy, One + One Make Three was commissioned and presented by ALL ARTS. This experimental documentary-dance film — directed by Katherine Helen Fisher of Safety Third Productions — takes audiences behind the scenes and into the studio as Kinetic Light creates their aerial dance production, Wired.  Wired is an immersive work that explores the gendered, raced, and disability histories of barbed wire and traces the fine line between “us” and “them.” Dancers partner, spin, and soar as they reflect on art, dance, and disability as a creative force. 

Kinetic Light’s ongoing research and development of aesthetic artistic accessibility can be flexibly experienced in One + One Make Three through two streams of ASL interpretation, multi-voiced enhanced audio description, and integrated open captions. We craft these access approaches as an integral part of our art, in collaboration with other disabled artists and community members. They are intentionally designed to be as challenging, provocative, and beautiful as the art itself.