“The exception was the searing Katherine Helen Fisher, who danced with luminous attack; if you kept your eye on her, “Available Light” was heavenly.”
Siobhan Burke The New York Times

“Finite & Infinite Games and Leading Edge Disturbances, the latest work from choreographer Katherine Helen Fisher, premiers at Dancespace Project in New York City tonight and runs through the weekend. I shot these images at some of the final rehearsals. It looks like its going to be an amazing performance.” – David Kimelman Photography

“Fisher, new to the roster this year and so sensually energetic in KT Nelson’s “Walk Before Talk,” is ravishing here.”    –Rachel Howard SF Chronicle

“‘I Am the Genius of Myself,’ is a triumph of chutzpah,  Fisher – petite, toned, and platinum blonde – pulls it off with sparkling presence.  She has eye-catching dynamic attack, lightning-quick direction changes, and fully extended lines.”  –Gus Solomons

“Katherine Fisher stands out as a sprightly mover I cannot help but watch as she dances like a gymnast going for a perfect ten.  Throughout the concert, Fisher earns that very score in my book.”  –Eileen Elizabeth

“Finite & Infinite Games is stunning; visually rich with color, architecture, and movement.”  –Jen Edwards Huffington Post